Outfits / Costumes for Rent

Please be aware that Andrea does have a limited numbers of Ghillies (shoes) and outfits for rent.

I will only rent out items to students in my school.

A contract and rules for the costumes will be handed to the parents upon signing out.

Dress Code

Please come prepared and ready to dance for each dance class!


Highland Ghillies - also known as the Highland Dance Shoes



Primary/Beginners (ages 7-12)


  • Body suit and Tights (black, navy, or pink can be worn), Highland Ghillies


Beginners – Adults (ages 13-adult)


  • Shorts (above the knee), T-shirt/Tank, Knee socks, and Highland Ghillies



No jewelry allowed.  Hair MUST be pulled back (in a braid or ponytail) and off your face.
Please do NOT come with jean shorts or pants. Loose clothing is UNACCEPTABLE for dance lessons.



What to Bring to Class


In Dance Bag:  dance shoes, water bottle (WATER ONLY PLEASE), and duo tang for students’ calendar.


You may also bring a sweater/zip up to wear until you are warmed up, but nothing baggy.


Since students are receiving one lesson per week (unless otherwise desired), Andrea strongly encourages students to practice on their own time at home.  While students learn key skills during the lessons, and practice those skills, it is encouraged to further strengthen those skills taught during the lessons.


Here's an example of Practice times:  Please remember to practice HARD!


Primary Dancers

10-15 minutes

3 times weekly

Beginner (Bronze-Pre-Gold) Dancers

15-25 minutes

3-4 times weekly

Advanced (Competitive - Pre-Gold+) Dancers

40-50 minutes

3-5 times weekly

Champion Dancers

60 minutes

5-6 times weekly

-Vince Lombardi

Class Description




6-7 p.m.

Primary / Beginner A

Beginner B

Beginner B

7-8 p.m.

Beginner A


Advanced (7-8:30)

8-9 p.m.



Adults (8:30-9:30)

Please Note:  Classes and times are subject to change.  All depends on how many children/adults are registered.  Thank you!


I do not have a separate space for parents to stay and watch.
Please be aware that I teach in the basement of my home.


Primary A (Ages 4 -5) & Primary B (Ages 5-6): An Introduction to Highland Dancing, including basic positions and movements, and basic steps.


Beginner A (Ages 6-10):  Beginning to Highland Dance!  Learning the Highland Fling, and Sword Dance.  Start to work on technique.


Beginner B (Bronze-Pre-Gold) (Ages 9 +):  Continue work on technique with a focus on arms, feet, turnout, elevation, and shedding.   Learn to dance the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Triubhas, Highland Reel, Scottish Lilt, etc.


Advanced (Blue Riband +):  Continued work on strength, endurance and exercise, and FUN!  Learn many new dances.


Adult (Ages 19 +):  Returning students, and new students welcomed!  Parents welcome to learn as well!  Focus on having fun while working out.


PRIVATE CLASSES are available - Please contact Andrea for more information.


Classes will have a maximum of 6 in each class.


Classes:  Parents and/or siblings will not be able to watch classes take place, as it is distracting to students.  Please wait until we have dance outs throughout the year to watch your child perform!


Opportunities to Highland Dance!


Dance Outs/Recitals:  At the Andrea Goral School of Highland Dancing, we perform at Seniors Homes, and community events.  Parents must be present to bring their child to and from, as well as outfit their child for the performance.


Competitions:  These take place throughout the year, and all over the country (and others as well).  Andrea belongs to the OHDA (Ottawa Highland Dancing Association) and tries to attend these competitions, as well as some competitions in the summer – Highland Games.  Taking part in competitions is optional, and you must discuss this with Andrea before you or your child enters.


Examinations (Medal Tests):  Andrea belongs to the BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing).  Andrea encourages dancers to take exams each year to broaden their knowledge of Highland Dancing.  We prepare for the examinations throughout the year.  These exams are NOT included in your yearly fees.



Please Email Andrea for a Registration Form & Rules of the School.

Class Prices - Tuition

Tuition is due at time of registration.  Please Note:  You are signing up for a full dance year program - mid-September to mid-June.  Your space in class is reserved for you for the year (September – June).  Once the year has begun, fees are non-refundable.  If dancer is injured or other special circumstances arise, each case will be dealt with individually.


There are 2 payment terms per year:  September-January, and February-June; and can be paid 2 ways.  Cheque for both terms combined (dated August 25, 2018), or separate cheques for each term (dated Aug 25, 2018, and Jan 19, 2019).



If paying by Term:

Term 1

If paying by Term:

Term 2

If paying by Full Year:

Primary – ages 4-6 & Beginner A (1 hr)




Beginner B, Novice, & Intermediate 




Adult – age 20+




Private Lessons (1 hr)




There is a $50 charge for all NSF cheques. 
Payment is by correct cash, etransfer, or cheque only, and made payable to:  “ANDREA GORAL”.